What’s happening behind the curtain


Add Fellowship Graph

Add a statistic graph to fellowships representing the last 30 days. This graph should show: Points Ranking fellows count

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Add name mapping

Add class name mapping to api call and citizens functions. The classes are having different names in the API then they are officialy and in

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In Progress

prep Bot api

Prep for dialogflow integration. Endpoints of WP API will be modeled to serve as a webhook on dialogflow for vui integration

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Update Add Cit by Fels

We will need to update the add cit by fels. Bug:“ex” fellows of a fellowship are not beeing removed from the fellowship on update. Task1:Add

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Add Fellowship calc

Add calculations to add fellowship based on calc in dev Done: Calculation Sum(fellowpoints) / fellowCount + fellows – (uncountedFellows * 10)

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Add calc to char

Adding the calculations based on calc entries to add_player function Done Calculation: if: Any Char L8+stats / timePlayer * 1000 + sum(extra)else: uncounted

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add Fellowship

add fellowship snippet Deps:get_charget_fellowship searches for fellowship infos and adds fellowship and all members to registration.

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